With rapid urbanization and huge waste management challenges in Africa, Eazywaste Educate and Advocate for good waste management practices and value addition on waste generated through Recycling and Reuse of plastic and can waste. We sensitize citizens on the value of waste (plastics) they generate through our education and advocacy programs by engaging communities, institutions and households. We also use our Digital Platforms to carry out the education and advocacy.

We operate community recycling centres, collect and buy plastic waste materials from collectors, households and institutions. We process these plastics and sell them to plastic manufacturing companies and other Recycling plants for use as raw materials for their production.

We serve as a data hub for the collection and reporting of waste and recycling data to help policy makers formulate good waste management policies for the benefit of the citizenry. We compliment the plastic recycling industry by bringing plastic scavengers from the “informal” sector to companies in the “formal” sector We aim to help Africa and the world attain the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) on Climate Action, Sustainable cities and Communities and Clean Water and Sanitation.

The Problem

The annual global production of plastic increased in 2015 with 350 million tons and it is estimated to reach 400 million tons in the next 6 years. By 2025, the annual mismanaged plastic waste in Africa could be as high as 11.5 million tons with more than half in the oceans and the remaining polluting the environment.

Africa, which has the world’s highest population growth rate, especially in coastal areas, has a poor record of managing waste, with only 10 per cent of its waste reaching the dumps, as per UN estimates, while the rest is left to rot in communities or burned in acrid bonfires. In 2015, 150 people died in Accra, the capital of Ghana as a results of the flood which was caused by plastic waste clogging the drains.

All these plastic mismanagement is largely due to the lack of education and proper waste management policies. For this reason, Eazywaste is bridging the gap through its education and advocacy projects, helping reduce plastic pollution and climate change, while offering employment and alternative income to households and institutions.

Our Current Project

We are currently developing our first community recycling bank in Ga west which is targeting to provide access to 195 communities in Ga-West within the Greater Accra region of Ghana to create proximity for recycling whilst educating them on proper waste management practices to cultivating the Recycling and Reuse attitude. We also aim to supply them with segregation friendly waste bins from our sponsors and also introduce them to contact numbers to call for the collection of their plastic waste.

Comming Soon

We are currently developing a section of videos, tutorials and content to share the most crucial things we've learned over the last years about recycling plastic waste dubbed Recycling Academy We will teach interested youth and women about the basics of plastic and assist them run an Eazywaste Plastic recycling centre

Our Partners