1. Education and Advocacy

With the assistance from our partners, sponsors and industry experts, we offer training, education, and advocacy on responsible waste management practices, recycling and reuse to

  • Public and Private Educational Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • Private Companies and Organizations
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Communities.

2. Collection of Waste

We collect and buy plastics waste for recycling from communities, institutions, households, plastic scavengers. We pay back in monetary value the amount of plastic we collect as a way of incentivizing the citizenry for more responsible waste management. We provide a 24 hour service collection point through our community agents and digital platforms.

3. Recycling

We partner with plastic manufacturing companies, and Adjei’s recycling plant to recycle plastic waste into pellets for the production of other products. Some of the plastic we recycle includes PETE, HDE, LDPE, etc. For example

  • Soft drink bottles
  • Mineral water bottles
  • Fruit juice containers
  • Cooking Oil bottles
  • Sachets water rubbers
  • Plastic buckets
  • Grocery bags
  • Frozen good containers and many more

4. EazyWaste Network

We have a nationwide network that connect institutions, households, communities and individuals together to have firsthand information in waste management and also report their issues concerning waste disposal and management.